The NativePath Club

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The NativePath Club Family of Brands Includes:

NativePath Body Reset

Our premier 30 Day Transformation Program that blends ancient wisdom with modern science

NativePath Keto Club

The Easiest Way To Go Keto.
Start The 30 Day Keto Fix!


Nutrition & Lifestyle - Ancestral Health meets modern Science. Take The 30 Day Challenge!

The Sitting Solution

The Ultimate Guide to resolving your pain, restoring your posture, and fixing your sitting problem. Sitting is hazardous to your health - This is THE Solution.

VRx21 Resistance Bands

VRx21 is a online video program that unveils powerful corrective movements designed to end your pain FAST, and is based on the clinical work I have done with thousands of patients over the years. And if you qualify, we'll send you EVERYTHING you need to get started for FREE, including the Resistance Bands and the entire VRx21 System!

Your Health 360

The Optimal Health Coaching Solution! Step-by-step monthly guidance to achieving your wellness goals.

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Sitting Solution ?

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30 Day Challenge ?

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60 Simple Recipes Cookbook ?

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Your Health 360 ?

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Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook ?

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VRx21 Resistance Bands ?

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7 Simple Steps To Fixing Back Pain ?

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Cooking With Coconut ?

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Flat Belly Paleo ?

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3 Minute Flat Belly Flow ?

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Flat Belly Paleo Cookbook Collection ?

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Fat Burning Cookbook ?

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Paleo Treats Dessert Cookbook ?

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2 Minute Refresh ?

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126 Simple Recipes ?

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74 Recipes Collection ?

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30 Day Keto Fix ?

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30 Fat Blasting Keto Smoothies ?

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Native Body Reset

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NativePath Keto Club

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30 Day Keto Fix – Basic Package

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30 Day Keto Fix (Deluxe Package)

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30 Day Keto Fix (Ultimate Package)